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    Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 LED Anti-Flicker Harnesses (low)

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    FLICKER-FREE: Is the way to be! But unfortunately if you're trying to run a set of LED headlight bulbs on a circuit that runs off pulsed voltage, then you're out of luck. Out of luck unless you've got a set of the 2Stroke Anti-Flicker harnesses that is!

    DESIGNED: With some massive 10K mF Capacitors inside to help absorb the pulsing current coming from the factory wiring, then release it in a smooth fashion out into the LED bulb drivers, they're quite simple and effective.

    IN AND OUT: No need for complicated wiring to solve this common issue. The 2Stroke Anti-Flickers are easy to setup. With a standard 9006 Male Input and a standard 9006 female output - in most cases you can just "plug n play" in between the factory wiring and the Drivers on your bulbs.

    DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS: Often run off both pulsed voltage, and low voltage. It's important to understand which one your car uses - because if you're having issues with a low voltage setup, these will not solve that problem (since they don't increase the voltage coming from the car...they just smooth it out).

    CONSTRUCTION: Can't fault that! These things are really nice looking. With a matte black extruded aluminum shell surrounding the goods inside, they're well protected and weather resistant too. High quality titanium-colored techflex mesh insulation provides extra abrasion resistance for the input and output wiring too.



    • HARNESSES: 2x Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 Anti-Flicker

    • WARRANTY: 2 Years

    • SWAG: Morimoto Decal


    • LOW BEAMS: Normal / PWM Pulsed

    • HIGH BEAMS: Normal / PWM Pulsed

    • FOG LIGHTS: Normal / PWM Pulsed

    • DRLS: Normal / PWM Pulsed


    • LED HEADLIGHT BULBS: All brands


    • INPUT: 9006 Male

    • OUTPUT: 9006 Female

    • SHELL: Anodized AL

    • OVERALL LENGTH: ~10 inches