7" Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight


7" Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight

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GROUND BREAKING:The Model 8790A is the world’s first dynamically adaptive motorcycle headlight. It was designed to address a particular shortfall of traditional headlights — poor visibility while cornering. While traditional headlights create a dark void of light going into a corner as the bike leans, the Model 8790 dynamically fills in the darkness with bright, white light…ultimately making riders feel more comfortable and safe.

SMARTThe Model 8790A motorcycle LED headlight calculates bank angles on a real-time basis using proprietary technology and on-board sensors, automatically directing the light array up or down as the motorcycle leans. This additional illumination fills in the gaps that traditional headlights can’t. Check out this Video Review from Gizmag!

MOTORCYCLE SPEC: This new adaptive headlight combines innovative low beam optics and ComfortLite high beam optics to provide best-in-class foreground illumination and light above the horizon (respectively) which dramatically improve rider comfort and safety. The heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing and state-of-the-art LEDs not only deliver premium performance, but also give a bike a truly unique look!

JW COMBO: Some customers love JW Speaker LED headlights because of their unique look. Others choose them for their superior performance. Aren’t you happy that you don’t have to settle for just one or the other? Both new models feature J.W. Speaker’s signature optical design, making them the perfect choice for driver’s in search of premium performance and unique styling.

MADE HEREWhen you purchase a J.W. Speaker LED headlight, you’re supporting an American business and keeping Americans at work. We recognize that overseas manufacturers can offer products at lower prices, but you truly do get what you pay for. All of their LED headlights are designed, manufactured and assembled right here in Germantown, Wisconsin.

EASY SETUP: Despite being so advanced, Wiring is designed to be simple! With a standard H4 Male plug on the back, they'll be a direct swap for most all Motorcycles using 7" Round headlights. If you can afford it, there is no better option, period.



  • HEADLIGHT: 1x JW Speaker 8790 Dynamic LED

  • WARRANTY: Lifetime Limited

  • OTHER: Instruction Card + JW Speaker Sticker


  • MOTORCYCLES: Standard 7" Round Housings

  • CROSS-COMPATIBLE: 2D1 "PAR56" Round Headlights

  • OUTPUTS: Low and High Beam

  • INPUT: H4/9003 3-Pin + 12V DRL Trigger


  • LENS DIAMETER: 177.2mm (6.98")

  • SEATING DEPTH: 51.8mm (2.04")

  • MAX DEPTH: 93.9mm (3.69") Incl. Lens

  • SPEC SHEET: Download Here

  • INPUT: 9-16V DC

  • OUTPUT: 11.4-32V DC

  • DRAW: 1.9A @ 12V

  • LENS MATERIAL: Polycarbonate


  • LOW BEAM INTENSITY: 2025 Lumens (ea)

  • HIGH BEAM INTENSITY: 2250 Lumens (ea)

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