17-19 Ford Super Duty XB Hybrid LED Pre-Built Headlights


17-19 Ford Super Duty XB Hybrid LED Pre-Built Headlights

CUSTOM: Introducing the all-new Super Duty XB Hybrid LED Pre-Built Headlights! These bad boys are sure to turn heads, with their full-color functionality and sleek, stylish design. Whether you're looking to show off your Super Duty at a truck meet or just want to make your driving experience that much better, these custom headlights are perfect for you. With hundreds of different modes and color combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You'll definitely make your competition think twice before pulling up next to you!

BANG FOR THE BUCK: The new Hybrid XB LED flow headlights from Street Ambitionz have a design inspired by the 17-19 F250 OEM LED headlights. They cost a few hundred bucks less than the big boy XB's and although they have half the projectors, lets be real, who needs four eight projectors anyways? They do however offer all of the same great features that matter for most of us!

HYBRID SPEC: Using a combination of both LED & Incandescent bulbs (thus, "Hybrid") these offer much of the same amazing features that the original. Their LED daytime running light is still insanely bright, easily visible during the day. The optics used in the DRL are shared with the high-end version of the XB's -- which reallly kicks ass because that's a fan favorite for those who are shopping for an upgrade.

INSIDE: The diffuser for the DRL has the same smoked lens, However, they do have an Smoked LED side marker and of course use a halogen bulb for the turn signal right in the middle. They use the same OEM-grade housing that won't fade or yellow over time.

PERFORMANCE: The XB Hybrid headlights have a powerful, wide, and bright LED low beam projector, and a dedicated LED high beam projector too. Their optics were specially developed just for use the new lineup to produce a killer beam pattern despite the affordable price point.

WIRING: These things are designed to work on your truck without any modifications, so if you're not really one for wiring, not to worry. There's only three connectors that are simply plug n play with the factory wiring. One for the low and high beam, one for the turn signal bulb, and one for the DRL remote. Easy!

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU: But we are a big fan of anything that packs a lot of bang for the buck  with great light output and a custom touch -- and these new XB Hybrid LED Pre-Built Headlights.




  • HEADLIGHTS: 2x (One Pair) 17-19 Super Duty XB Pre-Built LED Headlights

  • WIRING: Plug and Play Harness, Remote, DRL Modules

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years


  • FORD SUPER DUTY: 2017-2019 w/o OEM LEDs* (US Models Only)

  • REPLACES FORD PART #: HC3Z13008D, HC3Z13008DCP, HC3Z13008A, HC3Z13008ACP, FO2502378, FO25033378, FO2502353, FO2503353, FL3Z-13C170-A

  • *NOTE: If your Super Duty has OEM 3157/4157 front turn signal bulbs, you will need to buy a set of 7443's (not included) or get LEDS



  • INPUT: Ford Multi-Pin OEM

  • FUNCTIONS: DRL (White), Turn, Parking, Low, High

  • BEZEL COLOR: Gloss Graphite

  • MATERIAL: ABS Plastic (Housing), UV-Resistant Polycarbonate (Lens)

  • OPTIC: Kuria Optic LED

  • UV COATING: Momentive UVHC3000

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