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    9005: XTR HID


    PRECISE ALIGNMENT: Inserting HID bulbs into halogen designed bases requires extreme accuracy. Each XTR HID bulb is laser aligned into it’s base so that the focal point of the HID bulb precisely matches the focal point position of the original halogen bulb, which ensures optically correct beam patterns. Whether you plan on installing this HID bulb into your vehicle’s headlights or fog lights, you can be certain that light is going to go where it’s meant to be!.

    LUMINOSITY: XTR HID bulbs are manufactured from high quality, German made Philips UV quartz glass to ensure you don’t prematurely age your vehicle’s headlights. Many other HID bulbs use low grade glass that simply won’t protect your vehicle’s headlights from the UV light HID bulbs emit – low quality HID bulbs will damage your vehicle’s headlights. Each XTR HID bulb will come with high quality insulated wires that will enable you to plug the HID bulb into a 35W-HID ballast (with AMP style connectors). You will also get additional wiring to connect your ballast into your vehicle’s OEM headlight harness with a true plug and play connector!

    LONG LIFE: Average lifespan of these XTR HID bulbs is roughly 2500 hours – on par with OEM manufacturers such as Philips or Osram. These HID bulbs are sold in pairs to ensure your headlight bulbs match in color – HID bulbs do color shift over time. True color match, accurate beam patterns, and quality components – don’t sacrifice when it comes to your vehicle’s lighting.




    • HID BULBS: 2x 9005 XTR HID

    • WARRANTY: 2 Years


    • HEADLIGHTS: 9005/HB3 Only

    • INPUTS: AMP Male/Female

    • WATTAGE: 35w

    • CONFIRM FITMENT: Find my size!


    • BULB SIZE: 9005

    • LIFESPAN: 2500 Hours

    • WATTAGE: 35W

    • 3000K: Golden Yellow

    • 4300K: Warm White

    • 5000K: Pure White

    • 6500K: Cool White

    • 8000K: Light Blue