We are no longer accepting new orders until we are caught up on custom orders.

The company has seen its ups and downs, especially in the last few years with Covid pandemics leading to a shortage on workers as well increasing prices for goods which have caused many businesses to close down or stay open reduced hours due their employees becoming sick from working too much overtime without any time off given how hard this economic climate is being felt by all kinds-of people across America (not just those who work closely together).

A bit about our story: Even though things may look rough right now -*coughs*, be patient with us! We've managed through worse before; trust me – will do so again soon enough :)

Thank you for your patience.

Alumi Underbody Lighting Kit

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Bernard Sanchez

I Definitely stand out from all the local stock trucks. Want to unleash the beast with your truck? Then get some street ambitionz custom lights !!

Joe Diaz

Camaro taillights facelift
Beautiful lights and excellent customer service...Thanks Jakki


Absolutely in love! These lights are amazing. I always get complements on them and I just can’t get enough

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